Network Based Organization Diagnostics

Quick, Objective, Comparable Indices

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  • Power distribution among employees
  • Finding strong & weak links in your organization
  • Managers' rank in the organization


  • Highlight employees that gain power from their position
  • Which employees use their power to influence
  • Locate the most influential employees


  • Highlight employees with high risk potential
  • Locate the most sought after employees

Work Relations

  • Identify missing work relations
  • Highlight your best connected employees
  • Employees' cooperation level


  • Effectiveness of management influence
  • Effectiveness of organizational communication
  • Corporate culture

Organizational Structure

  • Present the informal organizational structure
  • Highlight the gap between the formal and informal structure
  • Locate deficiencies in the organizational structure

Agile Organization

  • Organization's ability to evolve
  • Compliance between the corporate's culture and its goals


  • Intra-departmental cooperation level
  • Inter-departmental cooperation level

Organizational Links

  • Highlight your best connected department
  • Identify broken or missing links between departments
  • Employees who connect other employees and departments

Organizational Power

  • Power distribution between departments
  • Balance of power between the core departments and services
  • Identify influential departments